Quick Release Pins

We stock high quality quick release pins in two forms. Both can be used to replace bolts or conventional fasteners.

Detent Pins - Strong, economical, zinc plated steel pins which are pulled from position, upon doing so, the locking balls spring into the pin housing allowing you to remove the pin. Insertion is simply done by pushing the pin into position. These can be used for many applications including body work attachments, frame work attachments, suspension setup equipment and even trailer towing equipment. 

Push Button Quick Release Pins - These are very high quality, Stainless Steel bodied ball lock pins which feature a push button release mechanism mounted in a hard anodised head. No more fiddly Pip Pins, these can be inserted and removed with one hand! Quick release, strong and durable. The ideal pin for use quickly removing or adjusting frame work, body work or even suspension setup equipment.

Safety Lanyards - The perfect companion to your quick release pin. Attaches to the key ring on the pin to prevent the accidental misplacement of the pin as the other end of the lanyard attaches to the vehicle body or chassis.