We stock a wide range of specialist Motorsport specific nuts, both Metric and Imperial threads for all different jobs.

Lock nuts - Used for locking a thread against a component such as a rod end or joint. Thinner than a standard nut to maximise space and thread adjustment.

K Nuts - These are Aerospace grade, high quality, self locking flanged nuts that are extremely strong and much lighter than a Nyloc alternative. A must for use on all areas of competition vehicles to prevent unwanted loosening of components due to heat expansion and contraction and vibrations. Available in 6 point (hex) or 12 point (bi-hex).

ARP Stainless 300 - The ultimate Stainless Steel fastener. Over 50% stronger than commercially available Stainless Steel fasteners. The only Stainless fastener that should be used for competition cars and road cars.