Heat Protection

Heat sleeve, heat shields and insulation to prevent damage to hoses, cables and parts from excess radiated heat and also to prevent excess heat travelling through bulkheads, firewalls and panels from hot components such as, exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, cylinder heads, radiators. Fire sleeve is the ultimate heat protection sleeving for use around extremely hot components. We sell 3 sizes suitable for AN-6, -8, -10 & -12 hoses as well as a range of smaller sleeves suitable for protecting cables, vacuum lines and brake hoses. Our FlexBraid sleeve is a very high heat and fire resistant protective sleeve aimed more for classic, vintage or OEM markets, providing protection for important hoses and cables but giving a subtle, less in-your-face appearance than fire sleeve. We also stock an aluminium faced fibreglass heat shield material as well as the popular and highly effective GOLD heat shield.