All our bolts are high grade and suitable for use where a premium, high strength bolt is required.

12 Point Head Bolts - High specification, high quality, premium grade bolts with a 12 point (bi-hex) head and integral flange. Rated to around 170,000 PSI minimum tensile strength, these are suitable for use for all manners of fastening including suspension and steering joints. The 12 point head allows for a higher torque and clamping load to be applied to the fastener.

ARP Stainless 300 Bolts - The very best in Stainless Steel fastener technology. Over 50% stronger than commercially available Stainless Steel fasteners and the only Stainless fastener that should be used on competition and road vehicles.

NAS 1300 Series Bolts - A close tolerance, Aerospace grade bolt rated to around 160,000 PSI minimum tensile strength. Available in UNF threads for applications such as suspension and steering joints.

Steering Wheel Bolts - Bolt set for Momo, Sparco and OMP steering wheels to attach the wheel to the boss or hub.