ARP Nuts & Bolts

ARP (Automotive Racing Products) manufacture a wide range of fasteners in “Stainless Steel 300” and "Chromoly 8740", everything from nuts, bolts, studs, washers.

ARP Stainless Steel 300 is a special alloyed Stainless Steel which also features rolled threads. Rolled threads not only means that the fastener has been made to a higher standard, it means that the fastener is therefore stronger and more durable. must not be confused with or compared to commercially available Stainless Steel fasteners, such as A2/A4 grade. It has over double the typical tensile strength of A2 grade hardware. That, coupled with the highly polished gleaming finish, makes them simply the best in Stainless Steel fastener technology. Read more about what makes ARP Stainless 300 so special by clicking here.

ARP Chromoly 8740 is a heat treated, quench and temper Steel with typical tensile strengths ranging between 180,000 PSI and 210,000 PSI. ARP fasteners in this material feature rolled threads after heat treatment to ensure the best quality, strength and durability. ARP 8740 is "SDF" - Seamless and Defect Free. Therefore, the best. Finished with a durable black oxide coating suitable for all manners of fastening.

We stock a small range from ARP's vast back catalogue including bolts, nuts and washers.